Buying a Fitness Club or Sports Business

Thinking of Buying a Fitness Club or Sports Business? We Can Help.

At Sports Club Advisors, we can help you buy a fitness club or other sports, fitness or leisure related business.

We help clients buy:

  • Health & Fitness Clubs
  • Tennis & Racquet Clubs
  • Private, Member-owned Golf or Country Clubs
  • Exercise Equipment Manufacturers, Wholesalers & Retailers
  • Boutique Exercise Studios including Yoga, Spinning, CrossFit & Climbing
  • Sports Clubs including Gymnastics, Martial Arts & Swim Clubs
  • Sports & Social Leagues
  • Personal Training Companies
  • Youth Sports Training Programs and Camps
  • Club Management Software
  • Fitness Software & Apps
  • Nutritional Supplements, and
  • Any other type of fitness, leisure or healthy life-style business

If you are thinking of a buying a fitness club or related business we would be delighted to speak with you.  We are happy to provide you with insights regarding the current M&A market, valuations and trends.

We would also be happy to add you to our database of registered fitness industry buyers, or to tell you more about the proactive buy-side search services we provide for select buyers.

Become a Registered Buyer Today.

Or contact us to learn more about our retained search services.

Become a Registered Buyer

Interested in Buying a Fitness Club?

Become a Registered Buyer with Sports Club Advisors. Simply register your acquisition criteria with us and we will contact you when we have opportunities that might be of interest to you.
Send your name and acquisition criteria to
Rich Jackim at
and we will add you to our database of Registered Buyers.

Find out why Sports Club Advisors has a 90% Success Rate

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Our advisors are entrepreneurs and sports club professionals just like you

Our advisors are seasoned entrepreneurs and health & fitness club professionals with over 20 years of combined investment banking and mergers and acquisitions experience.  They have a track record of starting, acquiring, raising capital for, and selling companies with revenues of between $1 million to over $100 million.  During their careers they have been involved in over 60 transactions and have performed over 200 business valuations.

Because of their first-hand industry knowledge and experience, our advisors can help guide you through each step of the acquisition process. They know how to critically analyze a club or business, how to look at it from a buyer’s perspective to identify its strengths and weaknesses, and how to value and structure a transaction to minimize your risk as a buyer.

We customize our buy-side services to meet your goals and budget.  To learn more contact us today.


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Join our network of registered health, fitness and sports industry buyers.

If you would like to get notices of health, fitness and sports opportunities as they come to market please join our database of registered buyers.

Buyers who work with us quickly learn that we care deeply about our clients and make sure they are well prepared for sale before we take them to market. We spend a significant amount of time up-front to prepare our clients for market.  This ensures that buyers get a complete set of the information up front and on a timely basis and that our clients have realistic and market-based expectations of the value of their business.

As a result, strategic and financial buyers interested in the health, fitness and sports club sector, appreciate how well prepared our clients are before they come to market.  This ultimately saves buyers time, effort and money.

Become a registered buyer today.


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Two Services to Help Buyers

Buying a health, fitness or sports club, or a related business, can be a complex and difficult process. Sports Club Advisors has developed a process over the last 20 years that creates a safe, confidential and secure environment that benefits all parties.

Registered Buyer Network

We offer fitness industry buyers two levels of services.  The first is our registered buyer’s network.  This free service allows buyers to register with us to receive notices of all fitness and leisure related opportunities as we bring them to market.

Retained Search Services

For buyers who prefer to be proactive, or who have very specific acquisition criteria, we also offer retained buy-side search services. This service include:

  • Helping you refine and document your acquisition criteria
  • Preparing a marketing package to present you to potential targets
  • Doing industry research to identifying potential targets based on your specific objectives
  • Contacting each of these targets on your behalf
  • Arranging initial conference calls for you with interested targets
  • Performing preliminary financial and industry due diligence on each target
  • Determining an appropriate valuation for the business or club
  • Assisting with securing proposals for acquisition financing from multiple sources to ensure you get the best possible terms
  • Helping you negotiate the terms of the transaction with the target
  • Facilitating legal documentation
  • Arranging a fast and efficient closing

Throughout the entire process we act as stewards, coaches and advisors to help you achieve your goals.

Contact us today to learn more.



We’re here to help you achieve your goals

Whether you are looking to buy a health, fitness or sports club or business now, or are thinking about buying in a few years, we would like to hear from you.  We are happy to help you explore your options.  In our experience, the most successful acquisitions are planned well in advance to ensure that you have a clear strategic vision, have clearly defined acquisition criteria, understand industry and valuation trends, and have arranged your acquisition financing in advance.

But, most importantly we spend the time and effort to really understand what matters most to you to ensure that any transaction we arrange helps you accomplish your personal, financial and business goals with the least risk possible.

Deciding to purchase a sports, fitness or leisure business is big decision, so we are happy to provide you with the information and assistance you need to ensure your acquisition is a success.

Contact us today to learn more.



Rich pulled this deal back from the dead many times. Thank you for all that you did. You generated a lot of interest in my company and helped me select the ideal buyer. You managed the process very well – I couldn’t have done it without you.


Barb Miller
Owner, Allied Health Professionals
ISG Logo

Thank you for helping me sell my gymnastics center.  Just wanted to let you know I feel like a new person!!!  I feel 10 years younger!!  Thank you again for all your help. You were amazing.  I’m SO happy I got your flyer back in August.

Joann Distler
Owner, International School of Gymnastics
Michael Harper

Working with Sports Club Advisors has been amazing. Rich and Jim understand the industry in a way that most M&A specialists don’t. They see both sides of the deal and their guidance on this project was invaluable.

Michael Harper
CEO, Courtplay Athletics, LLC
Amy Pazahanick

Sports Club Advisors was with me every step of the way. I would not have acquired the DeKalb Tennis Center management contract without them.

Amy Pazahanick
Founder & CEO, Agape Tennis Academy
Chris Ankey

I just wanted to thank you again for your help. Even though you were advising and representing the sellers, you very helpful to us.  We could never have gotten this deal across the goal line without you.  I hope we have a chance to work together on another transaction again in the future.


Chris Ankey
COO & CFO, Breakwater Expeditions, Inc.

Thank you for everything you did for me.  The joint venture you arranged and the advice you provided helped me transform my club and achieve my personal and professional goals.


Mike Tsipis
Great Lakes Fencing & Fitness, Great Lakes Fencing & Fitness
tennis ball and racquet

I can’t imagine using anyone other than [Sports Club Advisors] to advise me.  To have someone with 20 years of hands-on experience managing clubs expertly advising me and managing the sale process is invaluable.  It gives you peace of mind that every move you are making is the right move.


Richard Coyle
Partner, Six Tennis Clubs in CT
Rob Rogers

I can’t imagine a better steward of this process. Your guidance really made it easy. I look forward to celebrating in person!


Rob Rogers
CEO & Owner, School Health Corporation
Sanjay Kapoor

Thank you tremendously for your assistance in selling our business. You were focused, diligent, and professional throughout. You did what you promised and helped us accomplish what we set out to do.


Sanjay Kapoor
Co-Founder & CEO, RN+